The Company will produce and market a total skincare system that actually helps extremely dry skin regain some of the key characteristics of normal skin.  R&D began in November 2013 with an expected product launch in fall 2015.

Marketing Partner 

The Joey Company, is a fully evolved integrated marketing agency in Brooklyn, NY.  They work to see what is obvious, but not necessarily apparent and harness these insights to build strategies to create innovative marketing campaigns.

R&D and Actives Manufacturing Partner 

NeoPharm Group, is a leading provider of innovative integrated solutions across the healthcare and life science spectrums. Their patented skin barrier multi-lamellar emulsion (MLE) technology containing pseudoceramide will be incorporated into our total skincare solution.  

Contract Manufacturing Partner 

The Company has narrowed its contract manufacturers selection to Dermaceuticals Laboratories and Paramount Cosmetics.  Both are highly regarded contract manufacturers who meet our stringent quality requirements and who have worked with leading, global cosmetic companies. 

Packaging Partner

Big Sky is our primary packaging engineering and design partner. They design, engineer and develop custom packaging and promotional products for the fragrance, beauty, home, hotel amenity, wine and spirit industries.  The Company has narrowed our packaging partner selection to Compax Packaging and Arrowpak/ Baralan.  

Distribution Partners 

The Company's products are most likely to be sold via the department store and drugstore channels.  Our senior management team has extensive contacts in this industry and our Affiliate the Goberman/Seitz group has been engaged to ramp up the distribution network in this channel.