The topical concentrate features a synthetic biomimetic peptide of a cone snail toxin, developed by a Swiss biotech company. Our concentrate combines the latest pharmaceutical technology with the formulation expertise of SBV, creating a first-in-class topical alternative to surgical procedures. The product will relax facial muscles without blocking movement and provide instant skin smoothing. Currently in the final stages of R&D with a product launch scheduled for early 2015.

Packaging Partner

Big Sky is the primary packaging, engineering and design partner. They provide custom packaging and promotional products for the fragrance, beauty, home, hotel amenity, wine and spirit industries. Big Sky has worked with some of the biggest names in the beauty business.

Distribution Partners 

The Company has entered into preliminary discussions with various channel marketing and distribution companies including Product Central for QVC,  The Complete Package for DRTV and the Goberman/Seitz group for department stores and drugstores.

Contract Manufacturing Partner 

The Company has narrowed our contract manufacturer selection to Englewood Laboratories and CEI. Both are highly regarded contract manufacturers for the largest cosmetic companies and qualify for our stringent quality requirements.

R&D Partner  

The core synthetic mimetic biopeptide is patented by Atheris Laboratories, a Swiss biotechnology company. The next generation versions of the biopeptide are joint efforts between the Company and Atheris Laboratories with the patents owned by the Company. We have exclusive usage rights.

Marketing Partner 

The Conversation Agency is an award-winning, global marketing and advertising agency that prides itself on its “new traditional” approach. The team is made up of a diverse group of people – with a diverse range of skill-sets – providing grounded expertise in today’s evolving marketplace.

Actives Manufacturing Partner 

The cosmetic active forming the core ingredient of the product's cream is manufactured by Activen International in Switzerland. BC Research Company acts as our U.S. distributor.  

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