CLINICAL TESTING COMPARISON: Skyler’s rigorous clinical testing will investigate 10x the number of subjects as cosmetic trials. 


A barrier to entry for many mid-sized and start-up companies in the non-Rx personal care space is the FDA's increased scrutiny over efficacy claims and the importance of clinically substantiated molecules and technologies.

Skyler's R&D team applies pharma-like rigor to its efficacy and claims testing.  Competitors today rely on vendor data and/or limited trials if any. Our testing will be performed on more subjects than typical cosmetic products, and will be required to demonstrate statistical - and visible – results. Trials will be conducted and evaluated by some of the top independent testing facilities in the United States, as well as critically evaluated by Skyler's R&D team.


Julius “Jules” Zecchino, Skyler’s founder and head of R&D, was the Chief Scientist and Head of Innovation and Applied Research at Estée Lauder for 18 years. He was responsible for formulating ingredients and products that grossed billions of dollars in revenue at retail (see timeline below). Jules won the prestigious Marie Claire Prix d’Excellence (the Beauty Industry’s Oscar) award an unprecedented five years in a row.