From an incubated company's inception Skyler Brand Ventures (SBV) employs lean start-up methodologies, allowing Skyler to launch blockbuster products faster and more effectively than the large beauty conglomerates. There are tremendous cost and operational synergies associated with the incubator as each venture shares a "common kitchen" approach to R&D resources.

Large beauty companies are hindered by a number of factors that impede a new product's speed to market including heavy investment in R&D, branding, marketing, manufacturing, and distribution, coupled with multi-layered corporate processes, procedures, and paperwork.

SBV instead leverages its partner network and start-up roots to bring superior products to market faster, leaner and cheaper. Advised by Jen van der Meer, one of the leading lean start-up experts in the country, we are able to minimize R&D expenses by leveraging our partner network's infrastructure.  For example we have access to cutting-edge, specialized research lab facilities and technical expertise as a result of our partnership with leading academics, which reduces spend while maintaining a high level of  innovation. Skyler also outsources other supply chain functions such as branding, marketing, manufacturing and distribution to strategic partners, most of whom are founding shareholders in the companies. Finally SBV itself maintains a flat, nimble organizational structure pulling together all the elements of a lean start-up organization.

Taken together our model reduces the time to bring a product to market from 3 to 4 years (traditional beauty companies) to approximately 1 year.