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ERASA XEP-30 is an entirely new, luxurious concentrate that introduces the power of the patented neuropeptide XEP-30 for the very first time to the cosmetics market. XEP-30 is a biomimetic, synthetic neuropeptide that helps relax the surface of the skin to help erase the appearance of wrinkles -- including deep frown and expression lines. 

ERASA combines the exclusive XEP-30 peptide technology with two other powerful neuropeptides, creating the ultimate tri-peptide complex. This complex, which is delivered by our patent-pending delivery system along with other well proven anti-inflammatories and collagen boosters, works gently beneath the surface of the skin day by day, helping to relax muscle contractions and smoothing lines and wrinkles. With continued use, wrinkles and lines will be smoothed and filled without blocking movement or causing “frozen face” a common side effect of injectables.

Over time age spots, uneven skin color and even dark under-eye circles will be diminished. With each use, ERASA will help to correct and repair loss of elasticity and dullness. Skin tone and texture will improve, leading to protected luminous, rejuvenated younger looking skin.

Welcome to the next generation in skincare from BioMimetic Laboratories.

Winner of 2015 Best of Beauty Breakthrough Award from Allure Magazine and as seen on The Today Show

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