The story began ten years ago with Dr. Jacobs, a passionate student of Egyptology, who became intrigued by a 3,600-year-old recipe that promised to “transform an old man into a youth.’’ He discovered the formula in a partially translated text of an ancient papyrus scroll at a meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt at the University of California, Berkeley.

The Egyptians were master chemists and physicians who mixed medicines and performed some of the earliest-known surgeries. Guided by their belief in everlasting life, these early pharmacists to the queens and pharaohs formulated a royal ointment to keep skin youthfully smooth.

It took Dr. Jacobs nearly a decade and three trips to Egypt to discover the secret - bitter almonds.  Dr. Jacobs brought the almonds to our skincare expert Jules Zecchino who unlocked their secret - Mandelic Acid, a potent ingredient that improves skin elasticity while also reducing acne and dark spots. 


A clinical study of the product showed substantial increase in skin visco-elasticity.  In a unique biomechanical study conducted in his own practice, Dr. Jacobs had patients apply his Visco-Elastic Transforming Serum™ with Mandelic Acid to their faces and necks twice daily.  

After four weeks, patients who began the study with good skin elasticity showed an 11% increase in elasticity and a 32% increase in the firmness of their skin.  Patients who began the study with low skin elasticity showed a 47% increase in elasticity and a 25% increase in firmness.  Patients in both groups saw their lower eyelid elasticity increase by 29%.