Biomimetics (bī-ō-mə-‘me-tiks): The development of synthetic materials that mimic the structure and function of naturally occurring substances for the purpose of solving complex human problems.

BioMimetic Laboratories translates natural anti-aging solutions into powerful skincare products through biomimetics. Our mission is to maximize and optimize the use of biomimetics in skincare, using safe and sustainably-produced molecules, inspired by mother nature. Founded on close R&D partnerships with academic and pharmaceutical discovery laboratories, BioMimetic Laboratories selects lead molecules from our partners’ libraries and refines the molecular properties of these actives to create potent, patented anti-aging cosmetic products. Building upon this innovative model of collaboration between discovery and cosmetic scientists, BioMimetic Laboratories will lead the industry in transforming the best that nature has to offer into powerful skincare solutions. 



Our premiere launch is a topical concentrate that relaxes facial muscles, without blocking movement, and instantly smooths skin. This concentrate combines the latest pharmaceutical technology with the formulation expertise of SBV, creating a best-in-class topical alternative to surgical procedures. 

Our pioneering product exemplifies the power of biomimetics. The basis of our formulation is a naturally occurring cone snail neurotoxin discovered by the Swiss biotech company Atheris Laboratories and produced synthetically by their cosmetic partner Activen. While the power of neurotoxins in wrinkle reduction is well documented, actualizing this potential into efficacious topical formulations is highly challenging.  Our scientists collaborated with Activen researchers to modify the XEP-018 core resulting in a novel peptide with greater potency, ideally suited to achieve superior results in a topical formulation and exclusively available to BioMimetic Laboratories. Product is currently undergoing final R&D and preliminary market and clinical testing, with a product launch scheduled for the first half of 2015. 

R&D PARTNER: XEP-018, the synthetic mimetic biopeptide that forms the core of the actives in our product is patented by Atheris Laboratoriesa Swiss biotechnology company. The advanced next generation version(s) of the biopeptide are the result of joint R&D efforts between Skyler and Atheris Laboratories and provide our product  with unique and powerful advantages over existing competition.

MARKETING STRATEGY PARTNER: The Conversation Agency is an award-winning, global marketing and advertising agency that prides itself on its “new traditional” approach. The team is made up of a diverse group of people – with a diverse range of skill-sets – providing grounded expertise in today’s evolving marketplace.  




PACKAGING PARTNER: Compax Packaging boasts more than 100 years of combined expertise in the packaging industry.  Their full-service packaging capabilities include design, engineering, decoration and manufacturing.  Compax       has factory partnerships spanning the globe.


CONTRACT MANUFACTURING PARTNER:  Dermaceuticals Laboratories is a highly regarded contract manufacturers for large, global cosmetic companies.  Dermaceuticals manufacturers products in the skincare, hair care, bath & body care and cosmeceutical space.