Skyler Brand Ventures (SBV) is an early stage skincare incubator founded by a team of leading beauty industry innovators including the former head of R&D at Estee Lauder. SBV pairs cutting-edge technology with world class marketing agencies to deliver new ventures in the personal care and beauty sectors.

Our goal is to commercialize patented, scientifically-derived molecules and delivery systems for health, wellness, and anti-aging products in the non-Rx consumer sector. The incubator is based on a platform of proprietary patents, exclusive technology licensing and distribution rights, as well as innovative research generated by our award winning R&D team. By incorporating licensed active molecules with our superior formulations and delivery systems, Skyler Brand Ventures will launch products that are measurably better than the competition. Each new company launched by SBV will have its own unique brand image and position the marketplace.

Our model is unique in that we form strategic partnerships with best-in-class companies across the supply chain (branding, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, etc.) through the Skyler Affiliates Program. This streamlines the R&D and manufacturing processes greatly reducing expenses and product development time.  We use rigorous "lean start-up" methodologies in every aspect of operations and company formation, and are focused on delivering an extremely high quality product to the marketplace with a keen focus on ROI and shareholder returns.  All our partners act and operate with an ownership mentality because they are founding shareholders in the companies whose products they are help to bring to market.